This website, which is owned by Promosfera S.r.l., holder of processing in the terms and for the effects of Legislative Decree dated 30 June 2003, no. 196 (“Privacy Code”), uses cookies and similar technologies. This briefing provides indications as to how the cookies are used and how they can be controlled by the user.

Use of this website (and any other website we manage) leads to acceptance by the user of recourse to the use of cookies (and similar technologies) in compliance with this briefing. In particular, the use of cookies for analysis, advertising, marketing and profiling, and useful for the purposes described below is hereby accepted.

If the user does not intend to accept the use of cookies for aims of analysing, advertising and profiling they may modify the settings of their browser in the way described in the “How to control and eliminate cookies” section.

What cookies are
Cookies are information saved on the hard disc of the terminal of the user and are sent by the browser of the user to a Web server and notify the use made of the network. As a consequence, they allow services, websites voted and options that have been manifested when surfing the net to be known. Cookies are small files containing letters or numbers that are downloaded to the computer or mobile device of the user when visiting the website. Cookies are then sent to the original site at each later visit, or to another website that recognises these cookies. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise the device of the user.
This information is not therefore provided spontaneously and directly, but leaves a trace of the web navigation done by the user.
Cookies perform various functions and allow efficient web surfing between pages because they remember the preferences of the user and, more generally, improve their experience. They can also contribute to ensuring that the advertising displayed during web navigation are of interest to them and that marketing activity carried out matches their preferences, so avoiding promotional initiatives that are unpleasant and not line with the needs of the user.
During the visit to a website the user may also receive cookies at their terminal that are sent by other websites or web servers (so-called “third parties”) in which a number of elements (e.g. images, maps, sounds or specific links to pages of other domains) that are present on the website being visited are resident. There may be therefore, from this standpoint:

  1. Direct cookies, sent directly from this site to the device of the user
  2. Third party cookies, coming from a third party but sent on our behalf. This website uses third party cookies to facilitate analysis of our website and their use, but not to allow targeted advertising (as described below).

Additionally, based on the aims of use of cookies these can be distinguished between;

  1. Technical cookies: these are used to allow messages on an electronic communication network to be forwarded, or to deliver a service expressly requested by the user. They are not used for other ends. Under the category technical cookies whose use does not require the consent of the user the following can be distinguished:
    1. Navigation or session cookies: these ensure navigation and enjoyment of the Website (e. g. for authentication and access to confidential areas). The use of these cookies (which are not persistently memorised on the device of the user and automatically eliminated when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to forwarding identification data for the session (made up of random numbers generated by the server) and is necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the website.
    2. Analytic cookies: if used only to gather information in an aggregate form on the number of users visiting the website and how they visit it
    3. Function cookies: these allow the user to navigate on the basis of a series of pre-set criteria (e. g. language, products or services purchased) so as to improve the service provided to the user.
  2. Profiling cookies: these aim to create profiles relating to the user and are used to send promotional messages targeted on the basis of the preferences displayed during their navigation of the Net. These cookies can be used for these purposes only with the consent of the user.

How cookies are used by this site
The following table summarises how cookies on this website and by third parties are used. These uses include the recourse had to cookies for:

  1. becoming aware of the total number of visitors on a continuous and the types of browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) and operating systems (e. g. Windows or Mackintosh) used;
  2. monitoring the performance of the website, including the manner in which visitors use it and to improve its functioning;
  3. customising and improving the online experience of the user, and
  4. allowing profiling of the user for promotional purposes that are targeted and customised on the basis of the preferences and interests shown by the user on the Net, by ourselves and by third parties, both on this website and outside it.

What categories of cookies are used and how they can be manage by the user
The types of cookies used may be classified under one of the categories shown below in the following table and which allows the user to give their consent or modify (if previously expressed) accepting the various types of cookies:

Type of cookie

Aims of the cookie


Essential cookies of the website (session and navigation)

These cookies are essential for proper navigation and for enjoying the functions of the website. These cookies do not gather personal information that can be used for marketing purposes nor do they memorise websites visited. The use of these cookies (which are not persistently memorised on the device of the user and are automatically eliminated when the browser closes) is strictly limited to forwarding session identification data (made up of random numbers generated by the server) needed to allow safe and efficient exploration of the website. This category of cookie cannot be deactivated.

(direct cookies)

Function cookies

These cookies allow us to remember the choices made (such as the name of the user, language and geographic location) and provide improved customised functions. The information  gathered from these cookies may be anonymised and they do not hold traces of activities of navigation on other websites. This category of cookie cannot be deactivated

(direct cookies)

Function and advertising cookies

These cookies are used to provide contents of our website via YouTube. The data gathered by Google may be used for further purposes, including those of advertising. The user may make known their consent or deny this use in the box alongside.



Analytics Cookies

These cookies, also cache cookies, are set by Google Analyctics, are used for the purpose of gathering information as to the manner in which visitors use the website, including the number of visitors, the sites from where they come and the pages visited on our website. We use this information to compile reports and to improve our website; this allows us, for example, to be aware of any errors detected by users and ensure immediate navigation for them so as to find what they are looking for immediately. In general, these cookies remain on the computer of the visitor until they are eliminated.

Google Analytics

Advertising or profiling cookies

These cookies are used to gather information on the websites and individual pages visited by users, both on our website and outside this (which might indicate, by way of example, interests or other features of the user) These cookies are used to provide advertising and commercial notices that are the most pertinent to the interests of the user and profiling them. They are additionally used to limit the number of times that advertising is shown and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They remain on the computer of the user until eliminated and keep a record of the visit to the website. Additionally they may indicate whether or not the user reached our website via an advertising link.

Promosfera srl

Technologies similar to cookies
As is the case for many websites, we use technologies similar to cookies, including local shared objects (also known as “flash cookies”), analysis of the browser chronology, browser fingerprints and pixel tags (also known as “web beacons”). These technologies provide us and our suppliers with information as to how the website and its contents are used by visitors and allow us to identify whether or not the computer or the device has visited our or other websites in the past.
Our servers automatically collect the user IP address: in this way we are able to associate this address to the user domain name, or that of their Internet Provider. We may also gather a number of “clickstream data” relating to the use of the website. Clickstream data include, for example, information in respect of the user computer or device, the browser and the operating system and related settings, the page of provenance, the pages and the contest viewed or clicked on during the visit, in addition to the times and manner these are done, the elements downloaded, websites visited subsequently to ours and any search term included on our website or a redirect website.

How to control or eliminate cookies
The user has the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. Here below is some information on how to exercise this right. However, remember that by selecting to refuse cookies the user may not be able to use all the functions of the website and, if they have given their consent to profiling at other times, notices that they will receive may have little pertinence to their interests. It is also to be highlighted that if they choose to manage the preferences of the cookies, our cookie management tool will in any event set a technical cookie on the device to allow us to execute the preferences of the user. Eliminating or removing cookies from the user device will also bring about removal of the cookie relating to preferences: these choices will therefore have to be made again.
It is possible to lock cookies by using the selection link present in the table shown above. As an alternative, it is possible to modify browser settings so that cookies cannot be memorised on the device. For this purpose it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the browser (in general they are to be found in the “Help” menu “Tools” “Edit”). Deactivating a cookie or a category of cookies does not eliminate them from the browser. Therefore this operation must be performed directly on the browser.
For further information about cookies, and also how to view those that have been set on the device, how to manage and eliminate them, go to

Previously set cookies
If the user has disabled one or a number of cookies, we will be able to use the information gathered before they were disabled in any event, by means of the preferences. However, with effect from that date we will cease to use the disabled cookies to gather further information.


This website uses technical cookies to improve your navigation. Additionally, this website uses its own profiling cookies to send you advertising in line with your preferences. If you want to know more click here. If you access any element below this banner you are consenting to the use of cookies.

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